The Wisdom of Youth

“Why is it that you have to be at least thirty-five years old to run for President?” asked the Toluca Lake resident. Matthew proposed a constitutional change that would let kids vote and give grade-schoolers a shot at leading the free world, not that it doesn’t seem like we’re already there.

One “good thing that comes out of a kid being President is we wouldn’t know how to start wars so there would not be any. . . . Also, I have a few more statements. Who cuts down the tropical rain forests? Grown-Ups! Who uses up the earth’s natural resources? Grown-Ups! Now am I right or am I right?”

From Steve Lopez’s “Ah, the wisdom of youth — about parents

3 responses to “The Wisdom of Youth”

  1. I’m from one of the less thrilling places in the world. Wichita KS. Though I say less thrilling, I’ve been around a bit (all the US, most of Europe, UK, Central America), and I ended up here to raise my family. Doubt I’ll be leaving, either!

  2. It’s a great town for raising a family and is a quick stop down the road from OKC and Kansas City, so you can get your big-city fix there. I miss some of the natural grandeur of other places (Majestic mountains, ocean vistas, etc).

    All in all, it’s a pretty great place to live, the cost of living is nice and low, and the people are friendly…