Month: September 2007

  • Dress Down Friday | One Words

    Today is the one word Dress Down Friday Special. Ouch! Art Lovely… Halloween Tasty Interesting Blue YES! Thanks everyone for links this week.

  • Remember the Dutch! The Magic of Creation

    Emily and I have been doing our birthing classes for the past three weeks preparing for birth. We are taking the Bradley Method classes because we’re both interested in having a natural birth (or at least as much of one as is possible). But that’s where we’re running into some difficulties. We’re finding that the…

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  • Lindbeck on The Intepretive Schemes of Religion

    Religions are seen as comprehensive interpretative schemes, usually embodied in myths or narratives and heavily ritualized, which structure human experience and understanding of self and world. Not every telling of these cosmic stories is religious, however. It must be told with a particular purpose or interest. It must be used, to adopt a suggestion of…

  • The Knowns and Unknowns | Entering Into Year Five

    Tomorrow marks the beginning of another year of school, our fifth year in California, the (School) year our daughter will be born into and the year in which I come very close to finishing my course work. Of course, it also marks all sorts of things I have absolutely no idea of. Since Emily and…