Month: August 2007

  • New Look For the New Times

    Well I’ve been really excited about some of the new changes Shawn and Ben have been doing on their blogs, so I thought I’d change things up as well. I haven’t gone the whole “tumblelog” route just yet (it is another form of blogging) but I have changed the look of my blog to reflect […]

  • Revelation and Tradition

    I’ve been reading James K. Smith’s book, and am loving it! I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in questions of postmodernity and the church; it is now on my convergent Friends required list. Anyways here’s a quote that really got to me: If Christian theology should proceed from the primacy of God’s revelation […]

  • The Breaking In of New Life

    As a lot of my thinking has been fixed upon the arrival of our first baby in December I was reminded of a journal entry I wrote for Barclay Press in 2005. I wrote it after the birth of two children who are close to us. In it I talk a little about new life, […]

  • Dress Down Friday – Tetris-Like Quinn Gets Updated

    One of my absolute favorite mac games, Quinn, has been updated into a really nice sleek new version that is universal binary and has a number of great new features. This freeware game is worth downloading and checking out. We all need a break from time to time!

  • I’d Like to introduce…

    Baby Wemily, coming to a household near you December 25, 2007. We found out today that the baby is a girl. We’re having a blast telling everyone the news and we are really excited about the birth of our first child (I am also glad to finally have the go ahead to share this with […]