Dress Down Friday | Books for Mac, Dashboard Plugin, iPod Hymnbook and Einstein

The majority of entries for today’s DDF are technologically related so get ready to download, upload and…check out stuff.

  • Ben recently pointed out the MyDashboard plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend it.
  • Speaking of great WordPress Plugins here’s one for upgrading your WordPress install with one simple click.
  • Check out Vienna, an opensource RSS reader for Mac, it has recently been updated and it’s looking good.
  • Probably the best find of the past week is the program Books. It is a free program for cataloguing your books and works very similar to the $40 delicious Library [Thanks Seth].
  • Even though I wrote about my favorite browser I’ve got to say that Firefox’s Campus Edition, released just in time for the school year sports an incredible plugin called Zotero. If you’re a student doing a lot of research you NEED to check out Zotero, it may be the program that gets me using FF.
  • Coffee by the Books, Fuller Seminary’s coffee shop, has launched their own blog, complete with pictures and music schedules for their Friday night music series.
  • Jarrod’s has a great post on Gandhi and mission and it’s a great read.
  • You should look into getting your own Hymn book filled with all your favorite rock tunes [Thanks Adam].
  • And just for some fun check out these quotes from Einstein.

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