I’d Like to introduce…

Baby Wemily, coming to a household near you December 25, 2007. We found out today that the baby is a girl. We’re having a blast telling everyone the news and we are really excited about the birth of our first child (I am also glad to finally have the go ahead to share this with all of you)!

baby wemily

A little feet action!

baby's feet - the sidekick move

Emily is doing very well and so is the baby. I am really glad to be back with Emily again after my long trip away from her in England and her presences has helped make the pregnancy more real for me and I am loving it!

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  1. i wish i could show you how many time i just jumped up and down. but i can’t. Congrats. A little girl. (dances in circles). May i suggest the name Kristen? Eh…it was worth the shot. Or you could name her mary. it would be very biblical of you. I miss you guys.

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad you’re going to have a girl. Girl babies are the best.

  3. That is very exciting. Congratulations. Stephanie and I will both be keeping the two of you in our prayers as you start this amazing journey.

  4. Wow! Awesome! Congrats! This is awesome news, Wess. I’m so happy for the two of you. It’s mind-numbing to look at those pics, as a Dad, isn’t it? There is just something going on there that’s hard to wrap your thought process ’round.

    Oh, and get ready for the theology lesson of a life-time, bro. Everything you thought you knew is about to change. 🙂

    God is good that way.

    Congratulations to you and Emily!

  5. Wess, congratulations and nice picture, I’m glad the little lady got to go to the Giant’s Causeway!! Is she really due on Christmas Day?

  6. Thanks Everyone!
    @Aidan – yes she’s definitely due on Christmas.

    @Catrina -we’ll have to think about that. It could make for a pretty unique name!

  7. Congrats Wess and Emily! We are right there with you guys. Our twins are officially due in the middle of January, but the doctor assures us they will come at least a month early, if not sooner. So, we will be giving birth about the same to you are. Very exciting!

  8. OMG Wess, that is so cool! Sorry I haven’t connected with you since you got back — I was elsewhere on Sunday, and now I’m about to go on vacation for the next 10 days. But we’ll meet again soon — God bless!

  9. Hurrah hurrah! Many blessings, restful nights, and healthy doctor’s reports sent your way! Way to get a jump start on the holiday season. 🙂

  10. “Essily” sounds more girly than “Wemily.” Since “Daniels” is a pretty common name you’ll have to be creative with the first name if this poor child is to be Googleable. Whatever you decide make sure the domain’s free and snatch it up.

    I had a friend who didn’t believe in bookmarking and would only come to my site on Google searches for “Baby Theo.” He got bent out of shape when the top hit for that term stopped pointing to Theo’s page and I had to gently explain that Theo wasn’t a baby anymore and that maybe he needed to start visiting in person more.

    I’ve given congratulations before but here’s to you and Emily and Wemily again! Those are pretty good ultrasound shots, by the way though I can’t tell quite which one of you the little one resembles yet…

  11. Awesome, man. I totally second Shawn’s observation above, being a dad really does cause you to see just about everything in a new light. Big congrats to you guys.

  12. WESSI she is sooooooo beautiful. oh my word i am soooo excited that you guys are having a BABY.

  13. Congratulations to CW and Emily! You must be very excited… 😉

    And, what a great Christmas present this will be for you both — although it will be hard on the Wee Daniels having birthday and Xmas combined!

  14. Hey, so much for bookmarking and RSS–I just found this today! Congrats!

    Since you’re in SoCal, you could technically name it “Hey-sus” and it’d be okay (if it’s a boy), right? 😉