Month: August 2007

  • Dress Down Friday | Books for Mac, Dashboard Plugin, iPod Hymnbook and Einstein

    The majority of entries for today’s DDF are technologically related so get ready to download, upload and…check out stuff. Ben recently pointed out the MyDashboard plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend it. Speaking of great WordPress Plugins here’s one for upgrading your WordPress install with one simple click. Check out Vienna, an opensource RSS reader […]

  • Kevin Roberts, creator and editor of, has posted an article I wrote for the site titled “Convergent Friendship and Playing With the ‘Other’ Kids” it reflects upon my experience in Ohio as well as some thoughts on Quakers and ecumenicism. If you get a chance jump over and have a look.

  • Christian Books on Being a Father and Family

    We went straight over to Vroman’s Bookstore the moment we found out Emily was pregnant to find books to read about what all this means. Seeing as how this is baby Wemily #1 we really have no clue what we’re doing, and I guess that’s part of the excitement as well as the anxiety. We’ve […]

  • flickr: Don’t Cross Beams With Vimto

  • Why Apple’s Safari Is Still a Smart Option

    I like to find out what browsers people like to use and why they like them so I thought I’d take a moment to make a case for why I think using Safari is still a smart option and not just for the Mac fan boys/girls. I also offer some tips you may not be […]