Weekend Away | Teflord’s Iron Bridge and the Shropshire’s Buildwas Abbey

This past last weekend I had the opportunity to go visit my friend Simon in his home town of Telford and he took me to see some really cool things. Instead of going into great detail I thought I’d put a slideshow together for you to see what we saw.We visited Telford’s Ironbridge which was the first Iron Bridge to be made in the West. It was made by Abraham Darby III who was a Quaker and “Ironmaster.” This area is considered the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the Bridge was build in 1779.We also visited a couple Quaker burial grounds, and Broseley’s Pipeworks where they used to make the world famous Broseley clay smoking pipes. There is a Quaker burial ground right outside where the pipe factory is!Sunday we met up with Joe Baker and some folks from the Peace Church and had a spiritual pilgrimage. We walked to Buildwas Abbey, one of the Abbey’s destroyed during Henry the VIII’s reign. The Abbey is one of the few still around and is in better shape than most. It was a really peaceful time of being with friends, worship, and relaxation.Here are some pictures.Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

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  1. When I used to have a lot of blog discussions with my friend Telford, I got all sorts of Google hits from searches for nudists in Telford, single women in Telford, married women looking for sex in Telford, etc. So the main impression I have of the city now is that it’s full of deviants. But I’m sure there are lots of nice Quakers also.;)

  2. Haha – I will have to ask Simon about this…very interesting. Oh and thanks for adding all the special keywords so that I now get those searches! 😉