Month: June 2007

  • Dress Down Friday | Summer Mixed CD, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Trinity Legos

    Here’s another dress down Friday complete with music videos, Mac goodies, summer mixed CD’s, leaked scripts and something fun for that theologian in your life.

  • Thinking Bloggers 2007 | One Top Five List

    Robin recently tagged me for a “Thinking Blogger” meme, which I was very thankful to recieve, especially from someone like Robin, who I personally look up to. If you were allowed to tag back on these memes I would have tagged Robin because she is certainly at the very top of my list. And as…

  • Re: The Daily Scribe Has Been Retired

    This post is long overdue but the Daily Scribe religious blogging community has been retired. What is written below is part of an email I recently sent to everyone who participated in the Daily Scribe project. Since that time I’ve received more questions about the overall status of Scribe and thought it would be good…

  • Dress Down Friday June 22 | The Green Edition

    Here’s another edition of dress-down Friday. This week I wanted to focus on green issues, and let me forewarn you: this is somewhat intense. I’ve decided to focus more of my attention on these issues, and try and help do what I can to educate and make aware the seriousness of caring for the creation.

  • Fire at the Simple Way House in Philly

    I just found out from Janelle’s blog, about the fire at the Simple Way house in Philadelphia. This is where Shane Claiborne and others live and do their ministry. And to hear about this tragedy is a real shame. Many of us really appreciate and look up to way Claiborne and the Simple Way have…