Dress Down Friday | Rush Limbaugh, 8-Bit Nintendo and Quakerpedia

Here’s another installment of Dress Down Friday!

  • Another Radio DJ, Rush Limbaugh, is in trouble for being racially insensitive. He’s recently aired a racially charged song slamming Barack Obama. The Guardian reports,

    Limbaugh, whose rightwing talk show is one of the most listened to in the US, has been running a song called Barack the Magic Negro, to the tune Puff the Magic Dragon.

    Unfortunately, you can’t hear the clip, it’s been pulled form YouTube.
    Will this have the same outcome as Imus?

  • Skate or Die: Tasty Niblet just posted a fabulous 8-bit Nintendo game today.
  • For those of you who use iGoogle as your homepage – you now can create all kinds of your own “google gadgets.
  • I don’t know how many of you took advantage of the free artwork this week, but I thought it was pretty cool!
  • I found the Traneumentary blog and the MP3 site, Soul Sides through paste. The Traneumentary is all about a documentary being made on John Coltrane and the other blog features some great new music, etc.
  • A really good band from Birmingham (UK), Fields, has their new album up on Myspace.
  • And Finally, last but far from least, I just found out about the new Quakerpedia, because of the convergent Friends entry Zach’s started there.
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    One response to “Dress Down Friday | Rush Limbaugh, 8-Bit Nintendo and Quakerpedia”

    1. Seems lot of people willing to throw that “first stone”. Best way to hear anything is in context, so i’ve heard. If you google the phrase “Magic Negro” and the top item is wikipedea. It was Cornell Wests use of the phrase “Constantine Christians”. and his His positive theology at democrcy matters that brought me here. and balanced in my mind… “If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer…..”. I still dont like his polictics but he has more to say then i first thought. It is easier to feel your own ox being gored then to hear anothers point of view.