#7 Wess (but I’m the actual real person)

So I thought I’d google my name today – wess – (oh, notice the 2 S’s that’s key) and see where I am at on the cool factor! In other words the closer to the top of the page on google you are the “cooler” you are.


Well it looks like I am currently #7. Not to bad considering just how many people are in the world, I thought at first, but then I started looking a little closer. Are these 6 Wess’s before me even Human? I mean look at WESS Home: It says he undergoes maintenance everyday…what kind of Wess is he?

Am I being beaten out by computers, radiostations and other random acronyms? I am going to have to study these other Wess’s a bit more before I devise a plan to reach the top.

12 responses to “#7 Wess (but I’m the actual real person)”

  1. Almost no time at all, to type four letters and hit enter in google. More time that I ever expect to have, to make my way through enough pages of “Lynn” that I’d work my way down to anything that actually relates to me.

    On the other hand, if you type “Gazis” into Google, I’m #4 on the list.

  2. too much time on your hands. I mean i hate to say it but it is wicked true. Who googles their name?

    oh yea wess daniels.

  3. oh and on top of that aren’t you getting a doctorate? you’re talented. and here i sit with an 8 page paper due in 14 hours. I should start talking to myself more.

  4. I don’t even know what number I am when I search “Shawn”. Somewhere past page 3…

    I’m on the top for ‘Shawn Blanc’ (duh) and #6 for “How to Stay Awake.” Too bad people that search that are talking about their life in God…