Quakers and Coffee

A few weeks ago I decided to create a few new names for some of my favorite coffee drinks just for fun. I work at Fuller’s Bookstore, and attached is a really great coffee shop ingenuously named “Coffee by the Books.” What this means for me is a steady flow of really good coffee and espresso and I’ve even learned how to steam milk and pull my own shots!

Here are some of the drinks I came re-named (I wish I had some tasty pictures to go with) and a little description/sales pitch I made follows right below.

The John Woolman (Cafe Au Lait)
Steamed Milk + coffee = The John Woolman

Warm, Tasty, Frothy Milk with your favorite cup of coffee makes for a soothing drink. It’s perfect when you’re in the mood for something quiet, mild and warm. Great for raining days!

Oh and I like to put a little cinnamon on the top!

The William Penn (Americano)
1 shot of espresso and hot water = the William Penn

Perfectly roasted espresso beans mixed in with a little hot water to grieve you a purist tasting cup of Joe. The classic American and the classic American drink all mashed up in one classic cup.

The Quaker (My Own Little Mix)
3 shots of espresso + steamed milk = the Quaker

3 shots of perfectly roasted espresso beans and warm, tasty, frothy milk.
Finals are coming up – need I say more?

I think the intial idea came from a chat Simon and I had a long while back over what kinds of names we’d use for Quaker beers. But that will have to be another post.

16 responses to “Quakers and Coffee”

  1. I love these names! Your own mix is certainly aptly named ‘The Quaker’ – what with 3 shots of espresso I think I would end up quaking, both in fear of the Lord, and from an overdose of caffeine!

    What about:

    ‘The Steeplehouse’ – a Frappe served in a tall and thin glass

    and, hey, don’t forget my favourite:

    ‘Margaret Fell’s Bonnet’ – a Cappuccino, with an extra frothy top



  2. 3 shots… thats my drink too! sans the steamed milk tho. just a lil’ water and half an half.

  3. 2 shots will suffice in a pinch. 1 shot… you might as well just lick grounds off the counter table.

  4. If I can combine posts does the coffee have to be fair-trade for it to be Gospel Order or ‘kingdom Quaker coffee’? 🙂

    To order a John Woolman asurely is to order justice in a cup. 🙂

  5. I try to get coffee that was harvested by children under the age of 7. the way i look at it is slave labor makes my capitalist espresso taste all the bitterer (which is how i like it).

    sorry guys just had to break the moment up 😉

  6. Okay, so I’m way behind in catching up on my blog reading. Whatever.

    Wess, I think The Quaker needs to be a named drink on the menu. Seriously, that sounds AMAZING.