Month: March 2007

  • Elvis Perkins @ the Echo: Already Looks Like A Classic

    This past Friday night I went to see Elvis Perkins with Emily, Cate and Bob. Recently, I found out about Perkins through Paste Magazine. Their review concluded with a statement that grabbed my attention. They said though this guy hasn’t been around long, and it may be too early to tell, the album feels like […]

  • FAQ: Are There Modern Day Prophets?

    Frequently Asked Questions (of a theologian) is a series I do from time to time as a means of answering good questions that come across my desk. Sometimes I answer the questions, sometimes others do, if you’re interested in seeing some other Q & A’s check it out here.

  • Dress Down Fridays | Video Edition: Chris Rock, Bionic Burgers and GodTube

    This week I’ve got some really funny videos here. First, thanks JR for sending this link of a video with Chris Rock talking about some of the differences between Hilary and Obama. If you find yourself craving a McDonald’s burger, consider ordering the Bionic Burger. It has a long lasting taste… In a ever-increasing attempt […]

  • An Emergent Manifesto Of Hope: A Brief Review

    A couple days back I purchased all my books for next quarter (or at least most of them) and one I am really excited about is “An Emergent Manifesto of Hope” coedited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones. The book is a collection of essays from emerging church leaders, the essays tend to be theologically […]

  • Online Communities and Radical Reformation Perspectives

    Today the Urban Connection of the Mennonite Mission Network has published an article on web communities. I am really excited about the article, Online Finds: Web Leads to Real Communiy by Ryan Miller, for a couple reasons. First it shows that the Anabaptists are also asking questions about the global information culture and implications for […]