Sad day for my ibook G4

Well – I my ibook G4 kicked the can today.  Or so I think – I am going to take it into the genius bar tomorrow at the apple store – but it looks like it’s going to require some serious cash for repairs.  As far as I know it’s a power management problem, it won’t boot up, the screen’s all waky when it does, and the fan likes to buzz really loud.  It looks like it’s having a panic attack.  This comes at a really bad time.

8 responses to “Sad day for my ibook G4”

  1. Yeah it’s a bummer.

    About the MB – Wouldn’t that be nice?! That’s a pricey pience of plastic and metal but it’s something I really am going to need before I go off to England.

  2. Well you could always switch back to the dark side of PC’s? I bought a very nice HP about 4 months ago. Eh…so yea i’ll feel back about your iBook now.

  3. Yea…you would say that Wess Daniels. Just like you. Fine sell your soul for “macs.” But when HP takes over the world we will see who is smiling then.

  4. if you’re in dire need, let me know i could loan you my powerbook for a day or two.

  5. When did you purchase your g4 i mac? There was a recall a few years ago on some that had faulty video boards. I had some replaced recently, even though the warranty ran out. You can check.
    Also, check for refurbished g4s.
    Oh never mind. I just saw the post date. 6MONTHS ago.