Dress Down Fridays | Relient K, Arcade Fire, Lovedrug and Other New Albums

There’s not left for me to say this week, I’ve said a lot already and have a really busy next week and a half. This coming Thursday I am flying out to FWCC to help lead a workshop on “convergent Friends,” which I am really excited about but before I can leave for that I’ve got to turn in my seminar paper next Tuesday and have a ton of grading to do for Ryan’s Class.

So instead of showing all the sweet things I’ve found and read about this week, I’ll be honest and say there’s not much I’ve been able to focus on other than my own work, BUT never fear I wanted to tell you to check out the great new music that’s recently come out.

  • I’ve already told you in my Review of Relient K’s new album that it’s awesome and a must buy, but it’s worth mentioning again because I love these guys!
  • Some of my other friends, Lovedrug, from Ohio just released their album “Everything Starts Where it Ends.” There is some serious rock here.
  • I also just got the Decemberists new Album, Crane Wife and am really enjoying that, these guys are some incredible song-writers.
  • One other album I just got is by Elvis Perkins, Ash Wednesday, it’s great. Kind of folk-rock with some great lyrics, definately a worthy find. [see a pic]
  • I can’t believe, I almost forgot — The Arcade Fire’s new album just came out as well, the Neon Bible, and my Friends, it’s really good.
  • And finally, I am still trying to decide what I think about the Brother’s Martin Album, I like a number of songs on there, but the verdict is still out.
  • How about you, anything good on the ol’ record player these days?

    8 responses to “Dress Down Fridays | Relient K, Arcade Fire, Lovedrug and Other New Albums”

    1. Lovin’ the Elvis Perkins – thanks for the recommendation! He’s got some Neutral Milk Hotel in there, some Elliott Smith – all good stuff. Do you know the dude’s story? Really sad…

      I’m also lovin’ the new Arcade Fire “Neon Bible”. Great stuff.

      And you should be sure to get Bob to give you an early copy of the new Gena Rowlands Band album “Flesh & Spririts” when you’re at the party tomorrow. It’s great and well worth an early review before it hits shelves in April.

    2. Thanks Cate, I almost forgot about Arcade Fire, which I just downloaded today! I added it to the post. Also good idea about the preview, maybe I’ll be getting a present on Bob’s birthday!?

    3. Bob’s b-day isn’t until September (I think), but I’ll make sure he gives you a copy of the CD – he just got a couple boxes of ’em from the record label.

    4. I have a totally unrelated question to ask you. I’d like some feedback from you regarding the “spiritual battle” that is spoken of in scripture. I’ve never had the honor of talking to someone of your tradition about this issue and I have a feeling you might have a different pov. I’m specifically wondering what your “verbiage” would be. Feel free to email me if that’s easier. Thanks!

    5. Wess,

      Yes, the new Decemberists album is fab – especially their 3-song 12+ minute epic “The Island”. Although I have to say that ‘Castaways and Cutouts’ is still my favourite Decemberists album, as it was the first time I’d ever heard any of their stuff.

      It’s great that Cate mentions Neutral Milk Hotel and Elliott Smith – I’ve been listening to alot of both recently. I’ve only got ‘Either/Or’ by Elliott Smith, but it is full of short, catchy and very tender songs and well worth a listen.

      I went bonkers on itunes recently so am loving listening to a load of new stuff including:
      ‘Oh No! Oh My!’ by … Oh No! Oh My!
      ‘The Letting Go’ by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
      ‘Destroyer’s Rubies’ by Destroyer
      and the odd track by Pants Yell! and the Wild Beasts – ACE

      I’m going to have to check out Relient K, seeing as you obviously like them so much! I think I may have actually heard one of their songs – on ‘Premier’ Digital Radio as I was flicking through the channels! I think it was called ‘Help Me To Escape’ or something, and I remember it cos of their really cool pronounced pronunciation of “insecurity” if I can remember correctly! But then again I may be just mixed-up and confused – haha!