Virb Social Network Goes Live (and Kills Myspace)

Okay – so myspace isn’t dead yet, but won’t it be amazing when it is? I can’t stand it. In fact, as soon as enough of my friends join virb, I will consider deleting myspace for good.

But in the meantime, Virb has gone public and you really need to sign up for an account, mainly because I need some more friends but also because it’s really slick. You no longer need to be invited, just jump over there and do the work. While you’re at it, you can stream some of Relient K‘s new album, which I’ve been excited to promote.

Check out how amazing the homepage is…

Virb° (20070307)-1

As you can see, they are definately targeting people who like slick design, usability, and customization — in other words it Kills Myspace.

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3 responses to “Virb Social Network Goes Live (and Kills Myspace)”

  1. Im keeping my myspace to redirect my friends to my virb account 🙂

    your virb link is broken


  2. Ralph, thanks for the tip about the broken link and good idea on myspace — how are you redirecting people exactly? With some links or what else?