Britain Yearly Meeting Blog Is Up and Almost Running

John Fitzgerald from Britain Yearly Meeting has set up a blog for this year’s yearly gathering and has invited Simon, Jez and me to be the ‘official bloggers’ of the event.

John said,

“This should be a great way of expanding the experience of Yearly Meeting to reach those who can’t be there. We’ve recruited three well-known Quaker bloggers, and I’m looking forward to working with them at Yearly Meeting.”

I don’t know about Simon and Jez, but I’ve never been called a “well-known Quaker blogger” before, but that has to be something special?!

The three of us are going to be at the various meetings and blogging and posting pictures about all that happens there. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me because of a number of reasons; a) this will be my first week in England and my very first time meeting British Quakers, b) I love to blog and take pictures (in case you hadn’t noticed), and c) I’ll have the opportunity to hang out with Simon, who has been a long time internet pal and has been very helpful in getting me on my way the England.

In the next month or so we’ll be posting introductions, and other tidbits to get some content on the site and prepare for May, we will most likely try to post some audio and other things from the YM as well. So please bookmark the page and experience BYM in a new way (or for the first time).

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7 responses to “Britain Yearly Meeting Blog Is Up and Almost Running”

  1. That does sound interesting. I had the chance to attend Britain Yearly Meeting sessions a few years ago. I didn’t blog about it, as I feel awkward giving my impressions of Quaker bodies I’m visiting. I hope you’ll feel free to use your personal blogs to give us a sense of how you’re juggling between the blogger culture of saying what you think vs. an official yearly meeting role.

    On the technical /cultural side, do you know if any thought was given to simply aggregating your three blogs onto a page (or sidebar) on the BYM session pages?

  2. Martin,
    King of Aggregation, this is a great idea. I don’t know if anyone considered that as a possibility but it does sound more appealing in a number of ways. I will have to see who to talk to about this.

  3. I hope that your ‘official’ yearly meeting role will allow you to say what you think. I cannot see how otherwise to speak truth to power.

  4. Good point Jez – I haven’t had problems speaking my mind if need too, hopefully being in a new place won’t deter that too much!? 😉

  5. I agree totally re. the issue of being “official”. I feel that we can only be “official” in the sense that some of what we blog about will be the factual reporting of what actually happened in the sessions – what was decided/ minuted/ resolved etc. Everything else will be sharing our own thoughts, feelings, impressions and experiences of BYM. And that is the really interesting and exciting part!

    As being “well known Quaker bloggers” – man! are we famous over here or what? – we’re not being dubbed the Three Blogger-teers for nothing! Haha – only joking! (insert winking smiley!)

  6. Indeed, three of the best known in the Quaker blogosphere! I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hope that nasty word ‘official’ doesn’t spoil your insights, I’m sure it won’t. You’ll be able to find me in one of my last duties for The Friend, probably next to Jez’s Young Quaker stall 🙂