TIme-Killer: Your Three Favorite Recently Discovered Blogs and Why?

[Updated – see bottom] Not that you or I have that much time to kill at the moment, but I am interested in learning what your top three favorite blogs are right this moment. We have a lot of blogs we read all the time, but I am interested in some new found gems, who you really like but someone you’ve just been reading for a short while. Give us a brief sentence why and what category you’d put them in.

Here are three blogs I’ve recently found and have really been enjoying:
1) Burnside Writers | Category: Culture | While this is technically a blog, but an online magazine, I’ve been loving the articles and reviews they post here and am always excited to see when they have new articles. Basically they write about culture, music and other issues from an “alternative” Christian perspective.
2) Electric Weekend | Category: Techie | I just found out about Phil’s website a few weeks back and it’s now a go to blog for all kinds of great tech tips for Macs, wordpress and more.
3) Church and Postmodern Culture | Category: Theology | Outstanding content dealing with many postmodern philosophers and theologians and how these issues relate to the church.

Aren’t blogs great! Now it’s your turn, what are three of your new favorites?

Update: If you don’t have any new favorites tell us your three favorite standbys.

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7 responses to “TIme-Killer: Your Three Favorite Recently Discovered Blogs and Why?”

  1. 1) Macaroni and Cheese | Category: Personal | Molly is a friend of mine and her new site is hilarous. Some of the posts are a little inside. She also has posted on some other quality issues.

    2) Electric Weekend I’ve been reading Phil’s site for a while and it has really grown. It’s towards the top of my RSS list now.

    3) PlasticMind: Blog A newly discoverd blog for me. Jesse has some great content up there. It was his recent article on the Poor Man’s PDA that got my attention.

  2. 1)Metroblogging Los Angeles. As an angeleno, I love the vast majority of LA blogs. This one takes the cake and covers all LA related topics you can imagine.
    2)Copy,Right?. An Mp3 blog of all cover songs. Where else will you find Tom Waits & Paulo Conte doing an ABBA song??!?
    3)Magnus and Cheryl. This one doesn’t get updated more than every 1 or 2 weeks, but it’s great fun to live vicariously through my friends who are doing an 18 month, multi-continental trip. It *will* make you jealous.

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys.

    Mine, in no particular order:
    1) iBAM: I found this site a few weeks ago, and it’s becoming quite a good collection of tips and hints for any new Mac user. Things are hotting up with the news of a give-a-way as well.

    2) FTSA: I started reading Shawn’s site roughly when he started reading mine. He has a great mix of fun and thoughtful, often quite challenging, blend of posts. One of my looked forward to reads.

    3) Sarah’s Sketches: I found this a few weeks ago as well. It certainly brightens up my days. Sarah is an incredibly talented artist and I really enjoy viewing her work. I’ve gotten lost in her archives several times!

  4. @Shawn – I like the mac and cheese one! Looks good.

    @Cate – how do you find these sites? Oh and next time you comment you need to put your blog address in so we can all visit you!

    @Phil – I am loving iBAM thanks for sending the link and sarah’s sketches are amazing!

    @John – nice links, I couldn’t figure out what the first one was at a quick glance, but either way the Margins guy isn’t too far from us, and it looks like he’s got some good stuff there as well.

  5. Wess – I find ’em the way you find any ol’ blog…a link from a link from a link and so forth. I’ve got a bunch of good LA blogs I visit if you’re interested. And lots of good music ones too! And I know Magnus and Cheryl. So that’s how I found theirs. Although they argue about the real web address – it’s magnusandcheryl.com if you ask Magnus. And cherylandmagnus.com if you ask Cheryl.