Month: March 2007

  • Dress Down Friday | Anne Lamott, Grindhouse, Ok Computer and Twitter

    Well despite my ibook going down on me yesterday it’s been a good week. Emily, Cate and I all went to see Anne Lamott at All Saints Church on Wednesday. Her new book “Grace (Eventually)” came out. If you ever get a chance to see her in person it’s really worth it. She read a […]

  • Sad day for my ibook G4

    Well – I my ibook G4 kicked the can today.  Or so I think – I am going to take it into the genius bar tomorrow at the apple store – but it looks like it’s going to require some serious cash for repairs.  As far as I know it’s a power management problem, it […]

  • Trends within the Convergent Friends Conversation

    Last week I went to a Friends conference (FWCC) in Rhode Island, and have already talked about it at some length. But the point of this short post was to point out a number of trends, or characteristics that I saw beginning to frame the overall conversation of convergent Friends.

  • Burnside Review: Lovedrug – Everything Starts Where It Ends

    Burnside Writers Collective has written a worthy review ofLovedrug’s new album – Everything Starts Where It Ends. Even though I am friends with a couple of the guys in the band I really like Lovedrug’s music and their new album. This review shows I am not the only one. As a sidenote I found this […]

  • Making Our Homes Centers of Missional Activity

    My good friend and collegue JR Rozko recently wrote an article for Mere Mission called Missional Home Makers.