Become a Clean Slate Poser in 3 Easy Steps

Due to the small phenomena created by the recent battle of the Clean Slate bands, I thought it would be cool to have others join in the fun. So if you would like to join the Clean Slate fan club, better known as the Clean Slate Posers here’s how.

Step One: Grab the band photo sporting the “Rock Pose,” get four more of your friends, family, classmates or co-workers to join in, and together decide which band member’s pose you want to do (I chose my dad’s pose – the guy in the front).

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Step Two: Take the picture (you’ll probably need an extra person who doesn’t want to be in the picture to do this).

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Step Three: Upload to Flickr (or your favorite picture hosting site), give a title to the photo that explains who you are (see the title of our picture for an example), and tag it: clean-slate-posers.

Screenshot 1-12

Step Three and A Half – Leave a comment here with a link to your picture.

Spread the word and get everyone you know to do a picture.
It would be fun to get friends from other countries, people of all ages, and all the creativity you can muster in the picture will of course help in getting your picture posted on this blog.

EDIT: 1.20.07

***There are two ways for you to keep track of the pictures being taken:
Delicious Bookmarks | The Flickr Tag

I also plan to post some of the best pictures later next week, once we have enough.

If you would like to go above and beyond you can do other CS poses as well:

The field pose
The industrial pose
The stacked pose

But remember you need a picture of the “rock pose” first.

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21 responses to “Become a Clean Slate Poser in 3 Easy Steps”

  1. I think my next photo will have to be New Clean Slate Challenge:

    This new and old Clean Slate is starting to feel like A Mighty Wind. Any chance we can get both bands on stage together for a PBS fundraiser sometime?

  2. Great idea! I think this could be a really fun reality TV show or something…I’ll give my dad a call and see if he’s got some time.

    I’d like to get a hold of some of the music and make it available in digital format!

    Has anyone considered doing the “music ministry pose?”

  3. […] Become a Clean Slate Poser in 3 Easy Steps Hey Everyone if your bored I’ve got a post that I wrote just for fun that I think you’d really get a kick out of. See my dad was in a 1970’s rock band and I got a hold of some of the old photos and they are freaking amazing! Anyways I am inviting people to take a picture in the fashion that his band did, I’ve got a post telling you what it’s all about. Check it out at my site. […]

  4. Just chuckling about the horrific pictures…in a good way. Kristianna gave me a hard time about my previous comment.

  5. drm,
    Yeah I heard from Kristianna, that you guys met, that’s really cool. What a small world! And I know what you mean about the picture, there is one in particular that reveals a little too much in the mid-section. It makes me queazy just thinking about it.