The Short Fat Kid Misses Mixed Tapes (And So Do I)

Shawn from “Fighting to Stay Awake” has announced the winner of this year’s blog post of the year contest he was hosting on his site.

The winner is the “Short Fat Kid” with his post called “I Miss Mixed Tapes.” It brings back some great memories, I wonder if I have any of them laying around here somewhere.

I think one thing that made mixed tapes so hot was it really required some time, and thought. ‘Back then’ it was quite as easy to duplicate music. Now with CD’s it just isn’t the same.

I mean have you ever done a mixed CD for someone? Is it an activity worth trying to endorse?

Were you the kind of person to make mixed tapes and give them to anyone, or just those select few, super special ones, who usually were of the opposite gender?

Me I gave them mainly to girls.

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10 responses to “The Short Fat Kid Misses Mixed Tapes (And So Do I)”

  1. Oh man. Did I ever make mixed tapes. And I now make mixed CDs.

    In fact I’ve been a member of a couple of different ‘mix clubs’ where each month you make a mix according to the assigned theme, send 2 copies to the leader who then sends you copies of 2 of the other members’ mixes. It’s great fun and a really good way to find new music.

  2. Wess,

    I loved the “mix tapes”. I’ve done a few “cd mixes” for Stephanie when she has gone on some trips, but its not the same.

    I remember getting an awesome mix tape from a girl in college (who shall remain nameless). I used to call her the temptress. The tape was awesome.

    Anyways, its time to bring back some mix tapes.

  3. yeah mix tapes were the best. i have to say i still put just as much time into making “podcasts”, they are just way better produced. now way more people can enjoy the same mixing project which somehow makes me more excited about doing it. i guess i haven’t made a podcast for someone personally tho… which might be the difference that technology has really had on music… de-personalization. i don’t think it HAS to be that way tho.

  4. @ Shawn, see I knew there were others out there who used it to send messages to girls we liked!

    @ Cate that sounds really cool, maybe we can start up a new club!

    @ Kevin, I am racking my brain trying to remember “the Temptress” I think I have some ideas. Anyways, what was on the tape, anything good, tempting?

    @ Seth – You should do some podcasts again, that would be really cool. I didn’t know you were into that. Let me know if I could help some way.

    @ Guy thanks for commenting over here, we’ll wait and see what Cate’s got up her sleeve.

  5. A good friend of mine runs a CD club:

    It’s too late to sign up for the latest one, but you can add your name to her e-mail list and be notified when the next one comes along. And although the club was originally monthly, it’s now more like 4 to 6 times a year.

  6. Yeah, it works really well. Christine is really diligent about getting all the discs out in a reasonable amount of time. And generally the music is all really good. And some of it quite obscure, so there’s always something new to be discovered. People get pretty creative with the cover art too, which is fun.