Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs

I love using a mac and I love to keep up with all the new tricks, tips, shareware and freeware that that mac community continues to make. Over the past year I’ve found some great Apple bloggers who know their stuff, and who have helped me to hone my mac-skillzzzz.
Because of this, I tend to be a bit of a Mac-evangelist as well, and so I’m always telling people about different mac-blogs to check out. Then I realized I’ve never posted some of my favorite ones here so I thought I’d do a favorites of 2006 post.

These are in random order:



Paul Stamatiou


The Apple Blog


Daring Fireball




Cool OSX Apps


Phill Ryu


Schwarz Tech


Uneasy Silence


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8 responses to “Some of My Favorite 2006 Mac Weblogs”

  1. Hey Ben,
    I was reading over on your site and saw the discussion about Macs, very interesting. I am sure you’ll really enjoy the ease of us and the beautiful apps the mac community pumps out at rapid pace.

  2. I was a Mac Evangelist the first day I got my paowerbook.

    This is a great list of sites. I have several of them in my RSS reader already. A little info/review of each one would be cool.

    I’m glad to see DF in the list. John Greuber was my first introduction to Mac Blogs.

  3. Shawn,
    Thanks for visiting. I wish I had done some quick reviews on each blog, that would have been a little nicer for those who aren’t aware of these sites. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

    Oh and I really like your site by the way, was just checking out the contest you’ve got going there.

  4. Thanks man. Actually it was your linkback that led me here.

    At first glance your site seems pretty rad. I added your feed to my RSS list and look forward to checking out more on this site sometime soon.