New Server – Time to Switch?

I was notified yesterday by Paul Stamatiou that I was awarded the 1 year free hosting from Media Temple. I haven’t opened the account yet but I am excited about winning, I’ve wanted to have a media temple account for a really long time.

So now I am trying to decide – do I move gathering in light over to the new server, given that it’s service is much better? But also knowing I have another 2 years of free hosting on siteground? Or do I get a new domain name and do something different with MT? Knowing that I have only 1 free year, and then after that I’d have to start paying for server space again.

Frankly I am not even sure if the first option is possible with siteground, but if it is does anyone have any advice?

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6 responses to “New Server – Time to Switch?”

  1. are you nuts? when do you have time for two websites? get back to your studies so that you can move back to Ohio.

  2. I would move to (mt) but that’s just me. Siteground is a good service but they’re not as good as Media Temple. Just my $.02

  3. @ Adam – oh wow – We’ll be learning it together then.

    @ Craig – I’ll be sticking to one website but as far as being “nuts” – that’s for you to decide. 😉

    @ Ben – Thanks for the tip. I know you’ve been with them a while so it’s good to hear you like them.