Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence

From “Dissident Discipleship (p.129),”

After my colleague Nancey Murphy delievers an address in London, two Muslim men sought her out to ask, “Did we hear correctly? You are a Christian and you believe in nonviolence?”
“Yes, I come from a long tradition, Anabaptism, which, like Jesus did, refuses violence.”
“And you would not kill, even to protect your family?”
“I’ve told my husband and my son that I would gladly die for them, but I will not kill for them.”
“This is part of the Christian tradition?” They asked, surprised.
“This is not the Christianity we know about.”

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2 responses to “Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence”

  1. I’m glad that you shared this on your blog. In some ways I’m saddened by this story because my impression is that most Christians don’t know this either. OTH, I’m glad I’ve become more aware of this now rather than never.

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