Use Terra Pass to Help Reduce Emissions

I recently learned about Terra Pass, a company that sponsors CO2 reduction. What you do is find out how much emissions you create and then buy passes that act as investments in companies that set off those emissions. Of course the first hope is that we’ll just use less emissions, but then for those flights home, etc, there’s a little bit of a solution.

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One person on the radio remarked today, even if you’re on the fence about global warming, why not live as though it is happening. This seems to be a good response versus arguing over the data.

One challenge right now for this growing movement of emission reduction companies, is setting standards for how the money gets spent and where it gets used. This is something that is in the works but for know we’re going on good faith that these people are doing what they say they’re doing.

To me it still seems like a worthwhile idea so if you’re interested you can check out their site or their blog.

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3 responses to “Use Terra Pass to Help Reduce Emissions”

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  2. Does anyone know of a carbon footprint service that credits positive change? I bike in to work and can’t get an credit for the offset.