Customized Emerging Church Google Search Engine

Picture 1-3 I spent a couple hours this morning creating a customized emerging church search engine using Google’s new Co-op feature. I’ve added tons and tons of websites and blogs that deal with emerging church issues. My sources for this list came from Scot McKnight, Ryan Bolger, The Daily Scribe, Andrew Jones, Jordon Cooper, Adam Cleaveland and Steve Taylor. This is a working project and I will be tweaking it as I receive feedback and what-not. I am sorry if I missed anyone, you can contact me if you’d like to be added.

The Search

Here is the link to the dedicated page I’ve made for the search (you’ll also be able to add it to your google homepage from there).

The Sites

These are the sites added to the engine (currently 89). If you find duplicates, bad links, you want removed, or would like your site added let me know – thanks!

[Edited: Sites Newly Added]

I’m happy to hear feedback about this project.

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9 responses to “Customized Emerging Church Google Search Engine”

  1. Although I’m not sure I’m “emerging church,” I do have a lot of sympathies with the movement and I do discuss it and interact with its key figures on my blog, so thanks for inlcuding Sacred Journey. I’m going to post a link to your search engine on my site.

  2. Thanks Mark, my criteria are not strict, mainly just looking for people who discuss the issues from time to time and like you said have “sympathies” with what’s happening.

  3. Thanks for a very useful tool. I just did a couple of quick searches and the results are good. Keep working on it!

    Can the search engine be made compact enough to use on a blog?

  4. Hey guys, I am glad you like it.
    As far as putting on a blog I am looking into that, I have a friend who is making it into a homepage, so it will have its own domain and a plan search bar. He made and http://smplr/y/ so it will be like that, which I think will be pretty nifty.

    I will find out about the other possibilities though.

  5. WOW what a good tool. If i knew about this a few months ago my life would have been so much easier. I am currently doing an academic research project on the EC movement (see website) and this would have helped. Id be sure to use it now!

  6. A very useful search tool has become available. It’s still under development too so could use some input.