Month: November 2006

  • FAQs: What are the practices of Quakers?

    “Frequently Asked Questions” is a segment on this site where basic questions get answered from people with theological training. If you’re interested in asking a Question you can contact me, otherwise you can visit the FAQ category or it’s corresponding wiki for more information.

  • Books Died On: Girlfriend For A Night

    My housemate Arkay, has recently released his new album with his ever-changing band Books Died On. On this album he’s written a particularly revealing song, Girlfriend For A Night, which looks at the ills of pornography and how it dehumanizes all parties involved.

  • Siteground Hosting Special

    I’ve been using siteground to host my website and domain name for the past year and have had great service with them. Today they sent an email to all their customers offering 5 $20 coupons to give away to friends who would like to get their own website.

  • Add Emerging Church Search to Google

    Did you know that if you have a google homepage setup you can add the Emerging Church Google Search to it easily by clicking on the add google button found at the bottom of that page? Step 1: Step 2: Technorati Tags: Emerging Church

  • Nancey Murphy & Christian Nonviolence

    From “Dissident Discipleship (p.129),” After my colleague Nancey Murphy delievers an address in London, two Muslim men sought her out to ask, “Did we hear correctly? You are a Christian and you believe in nonviolence?” “Yes, I come from a long tradition, Anabaptism, which, like Jesus did, refuses violence.” “And you would not kill, even…