There’s Little Time When You’re On the Run – Some Birthday Trinkets

[Edited Twice] Lately I’ve been pretty under-the-gun with school work, and all the extra things going on. I don’t have much time to do some of those I love doing. I hope to write soon about all the stuff I’ve had my hands in but for now that will have to wait.

Today I turned 28.

Emily is making homemade tortilla soup tonight, it’s one of my absolute favorite dishes and I will post pictures if I think of it. I can hardly wait. More importantly tomorrow we’re going to hang out together and take a day off!

A couple things I wanted to share just for fun. I am going to keep adding to this list as I have time.

  • My mother and father-in-law sent this card. And inside it said, “I think this might work for Quakers too!” I laughed my head off.
  • My british buddy, Simon, posted an audio file of one of our favorite poet’s Dylan Thomas reading A Poem In October.
  • Emily bought me this. I will write a post about it once it gets here.
  • And I found a reflection I wrote about births I did last year here.
  • At the bookstore where I work, we celebrated by having ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies and Breyers ice cream.

  • I am going to lunch with Chris from Quaker 2.0.
  • There are some great/hilarious birthday wishes on myspace. Wow so many!
  • I me with Bill Quigley, one of my profs from Malone College. It was great to meet and chat over coffee, hear his stories, learn a little bit about what’s going on at Malone, and talk with him about the possibility, that crazy possibility, of maybe, just maybe, becoming a Quaker theologian professor some day!
  • Once I arrived back at the model home (and here) I found a card from my dad and the Daniels Fam, a bottle of Chimay and a Scharffen Berger Chocolate bar from Emily.

  • The tortilla Soup was…amazing. And so was that other stuff!

All in all it was a great day.

So a couple “gifts” for you. Enjoy the day on me!

10 responses to “There’s Little Time When You’re On the Run – Some Birthday Trinkets”

  1. ok, it may have been a day early, but that song i sang on your answering machine was pretty awesome too!

  2. No problem Dan, and thanks everyone else as well. I told Emily earlier today that I feel more connected with her than usual because we’ve been able to rest and hang out together so much over the past couple days. So it’s been a great little holiday.