The Daily Scribe Project Has Re-Opened


There have been a number of issues that came up over the future of the Daily Scribe, a religious blogging community aimed at “content” driven bloggers of various faith traditions, an aggregator driven site with 49 members a part of the community. Shawn Anthony of Lo-Fi Tribe founded the project this past summer, and I had the priviledge to be one of the first members in the group.

With Shawn’s recent conversion to Christianity, and a number of other personal matters he decided to quit his involvement with Scribe this past week, he privately contacted me to take over the project. I thought about the idea of heading up the project, the aims of which I still believe in, but decided to turn the opportunity down due to the busy-ness of my own life.

When I began to realize that Scribe would shut down if I didn’t take over, I changed my mind and contacted shawn about his offer. He said he would give it all over to me. Then Sunday, three board members of Scribe and I had a conference call with each other and began to plan on how to continue on with Shawn’s original vision. I was personally pretty excited about the prospect of us taking that website and its community forward.

Today Shawn announced that he wouldn’t be handing it over to me and then deleted the project. He now feels like he can’t allow such a project, that he created, to exist because he differs theologically with the original premise of the site.

I am pretty disappointed about the whole thing, and am sorry for all those bloggers who were so happy to be a part of the project. I still think that the idea was useful and beneficial for those who knew about it and maybe something similiar will reappear in the future. But until then my focus will be back on school and my various other projects I am currently working on.

Shawn explains in more detail some of the issues of the past day, including the fact that Scribe is sill up and running.  He has transferred the account to me, as originally promised.  Thanks Shawn.  More on Scribe later.

I wish Shawn and his family the best and everyone else who was involved in the project, may we meet again whether in person or in cyberspace in a peacful manner.

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8 responses to “The Daily Scribe Project Has Re-Opened”

  1. I read some of the posts from Shawn as well as CK and, honestly, it seems like such an abrupt change. I know he said that this was a long time coming and others who knew him well knew it was coming. But, just as early as the 10th of October he was writing about investigating the UCC. Even his termonology has changed rather clearly. Too bad about his deleting the entire thing. OTH, you have lots already on your plate – understood!

  2. That’s a shame that Shawn just pulled the plug. I know the road to Damascus can have sudden u-turns but I worry when when someone renounces their spiritual past so completely and suddenly and I hope he’s okay.

  3. Joe – I know you bring up some good points. It seems sudden to all parties. But I am going to try and take a little break – we’ll see how long it lasts.

    Martin – I agree I hope that he’s okay too. I seems like he’s feeling pretty attacked at the moment, and even though I understand some of it, it doesn’t make it any easier for him.

  4. Thank you for your decision to lead the next steps for the scribes. I welcome your gracious hospitality and Society of Friends(ly) wisdom.