Five Year Anniversary August 18

On Friday, August 18th, Emily and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage. We are driving up to Ludington Michigan where we’ve rented a little cottage on the Lake for a little peace and rest. We’re both really happy to have some time to ourselves but also sad that our anniversary cuts into our time with the families here in Ohio. For those of you who know our honeymoon story, I am trying to make up for what turned out to be a less than quiet and peaceful spot in Wildwood New Jersey, with this lake front cottage.

I’m not quite prepared for a deep reflection on our marriage, I think this may come while journaling at the Lake, but I can say that this time really has been the best years of my life. Emily has brought to my life energy, joy, smarts, faith and compassion in ways that were unavailable to me otherwise. I really have grown and matured in these past years in ways difficult to measure.

And even though its only been five years, it hasn’t been difficult at all. I know some people struggle to maintain a life together, I know some don’t make it at all, but for reasons not all that clear to me our life together has not only been a blast and easy to adjust too it has also been adventurous and filled with love. God has truly blessed me with a perfect mate and a best friend for life.

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  1. Congratulations to you both. A mate who shares your faith is a joy and a blessing and the best kind of simplicity in life.

    Best wishes for the next fifty years!

  2. This is probably not a new thought for you, but the rise of the bible to a status of near-divinity is itself an artifact of the culture of the last 200 years; rather than asking how the bible can “remain” formative, you might want to ask what the role of the bible should be/will be when we leave modernity behind.

    Another take on it is that the Pharisees and Sadducees knew Scripture so well, and and were so sure they understood it, that they knew for a fact that Jesus of Nazareth could not be the Christ. A cautionary tale on over-valuing one’s understanding of scripture.

  3. “I like small churches.”

    What is big and what is small? How about a discussion of small/big church?

  4. David, Markus and Bill – As an aside I am having some difficulty with my comments and was wondering which post you posted your comments on – was it really the “five year anniversary post?”

  5. I posted 2 comments on 2 different blogs, but they both showed up in the comments section. The congratulations was posted to the 5 year anniversery commentary