Scribe Jamboree for Friday August 4

In an attempt to get more connected with our friends within the Daily Scribe blogging community we’ve decided to post links to other’s blogs weekly (for me it will probably be less occasional than that). We’re calling this the The Daily Scribe Jamboree, and we will be pointing to bloggers who have interesting things to say and who we may or may not have read before.

This week in the Religious blogging sphere:

Over at Jspot, a collaborative Jewish blog, Rabbi Jill Jacobs asks, “Are Jewish Democrats dying out???? She says, “But gaining on this #1 myth is the periodic prediction that Jews will soon abandon the Democrats and protect our (growing) economic interests by voting Republican en masse.??? Rabbi Jill questions this prediction and wonders who’s to say younger generations of Jewish Children are going to go one way or the other?

David confesses that he’s a feminist. David, we’re okay with that.

Steve Taylor, One Scribe Blogger points to Pernell another blogger and discusses the importance of preaching belonging to community.

He says, “In modernity expounding the Bible usually belonged to one person. But a close look at the Bible makes that problematic: the school of the prophets in the Old Testament suggests a community engaged with the text, Jesus and the Emmaus Road suggests God is revealed not in the expounded words but seated around table, Paul in the lecture halls of Greek culture ???dialogued“ between text and context. I am not suggesting either/or; replacing one way with another way, but both/and.???

Oh and a Happy Birthday to Mrs. Walker Cleaveland. I love the irony of this picture, I know how you feel.

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5 responses to “Scribe Jamboree for Friday August 4”

  1. Wess,

    I don’t understand why you are again lifting the dead issue of voting as though it merited any attention. I had thought we were clear on that.

    And there was a book once called “I’m OK, you’re OK” but it wasn’t OK, because not everything is OK, and not everyone is OK. In many ways, I’m not OK, you’re not OK. OK? Just so we’re clear about that. Enough on that for now.

    You are looking for other threads of value? So why are you “looking for the living among the dead”?

    Try the following line of thought, if you truly want to go somewhere relevant (it’s a bit of a journey, so bear with it to read something that truly has something of value to say. You’ll have to get past a certain amount of rubbish to get there, … but the result will be worth it. I would advise not looking down, … and not wandering off the “stepping stones” to the left or the right before you get to the goal, … Follow the supplied links … P.S. for betabeliever Nate: I had said that your interjection was rude, but it did have its merits. [Can the eye say to the hand “I have no use for you”?] After all, we can bless and be thankful for your contribution in some way since this useful path does go through your blog…) –> –> –> [Down the page somewhat to…] prophetic voices..
    “This new move of God will contain the good from the previous moves and much more to prepare the Church of Jesus Christ for the greatest season of harvest and manifestation of His power, glory and righteousness the world has ever known…??? [TRUE]
    “Maybe.” [WRONG. There’s no ‘maybe’ about it.] ” But we aren’t going to get there by attending to the spectacular” [WRONG. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IS IN STORE FOR US—except that ‘spectacular’ is too feeble a word for it!] “or looking to God for His power.” [WRONG. STAND RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AND SEE THE GLORY OF GOD. GET READY…] “Neither is it possible to recover our ‘glory days’” [VERY WRONG, AGAIN. “Greater things than these shall ye do, because I go to the Father.”] “- the hegemony of Christendom is over” [WRONG (depending on what you mean by ‘Christendom’ which may never have existed in the first place. And ‘hegemony’? Ooh. Wait. I have to put down this icky, sticky idea somewhere where it won’t make a mess or stain the carpet.) Remember the pile of water-soaked wood that Elijah used to show the power of God when all seemed hopeless? And what is the picture in the Revelation to John if not re-invigoration of the church from a seemingly hopeless condition? Consider the scripture: “The kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Messiah, and He shall rule forever and ever.” YOU WILL SEE THIS REALITY ‘EMERGE’ VERY SOON RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! Not suddenly, perhaps, but irresistably and irrevocably.] “and the Temple has fallen.” [THESE THINGS ARE NOT YET UNDERSTOOD IN THEIR TRUE SENSE, I BELIEVE. WHAT IS ‘THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION’? CHRIST’S WORDS ABOUT THIS MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT WILL NOT BE OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE. ARE WE SEEING IT HAPPEN NOW?] “The former certitudes are no longer certain,” [ABSOLUTELY AS WRONG AS INCORRECT CAN POSSIBLY BE. Maybe some people are uncertain about everything. So? And some things are unclear to everyone, as I just said, and as it must be. However, you will very soon see the the spectacular accuracy of the Bible unfold before your very eyes and see it be proven true in a GLORIOUSLY spectacular way down to the Nth detail, if you but have faith in the Word of God. “For who has despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD which run to and fro through the whole earth.”] “and dramatic deliverance is unlikely.” [ABSOLUTELY AND SPECTACULARLY WRONG! AGAIN, THIS STATEMENT COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE MORE WRONG. A SELF-CONTRADICTION COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG THAN THIS FEEBLE, EXPIRING EXPRESSION OF DESPAIR. A DRAMATIC DELIVERANCE IS VERY NEAR AND ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN! God’s Word promises it. Who wants to bet on that? If I’m wrong, you can each whip me with your belt till I bleed. Every single one of you. All six or seven billion of you. If you’re wrong, you each give me one tenth of all your possessions and I dedicate them to the LORD. But I’ll be even happier if you don’t take the bet. THINK! Why am I so certain of my words that I am willing to lay out this bet in these terms?] “Like Israel in Babylon we need to grieve our losses, embrace our marginalization and find new ways of faithfulness.” [NO! EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE! WE NEED TO RETURN TO OUR FORMER FAITHFULNESS, HOLD FAST TO IT, AND BE DELIVERED FROM OUR MANY, CRUEL, LONGSTANDING CAPTIVITIES TO BRUTES AND LIARS AND TYRANTS AND THUGS AND OUR SLAVERY TO SIN BY WHICH WE TRADE INFINITE FREEDOM AND PASSIONATE MARRIAGE ON AN ASTRONOMICAL SCALE FOR RIDICULOUSLY SHORT-LIVED, SHALLOW IMITATIONS OF CHEAP EXPERIENCE RESEMBLING SOMETHING THAT IS, COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING, MUCH LESS INTERESTING THAN TRIVIAL, HALF-HEARTED TOOTS ON PAPER PARTY FAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Sorrow and sighing shall flee away. And they shall come unto Zion with singing, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads.???]

    Now read the following thread to get a glimpse of what I’m talking about, and some food for thought that will actually nourish you instead of simply filling your ears and your clock. (And to think of it! That the person who wrote the words in this thread I link to below almost certainly has no idea just how true they really are!)

    –> The [New] [sic] Apostle[s] [sic]

    When you’re ready to realize that it is all quite real … you will suddenly be profoundly transformed. The universe will never be the same for you again. I don’t mean to say that you will not still be here or that you will suddenly overcome all of your cravings for that which is not profitable to you or that you will not still be waiting for our Lord to return. But you will be so severely changed that it will be as though someone had banged a huge bell with a hammer the size of a freight train while your head was inside of it; you will be so significantly changed that your head will spin and your ears will ring and you will be in such a daze that you will feel the need for a new name to describe who you have suddenly become. And the servants of God will begin once again to speak of Him in public without any more fear of the sissies and the naysayers.

    It happens quickly. Get ready. Strap on your helmets.


  2. Update: “prophetic voices” is now on page 4, not page 2. Nor is that really the point, but really only a stepping stone to the article I’m refering to. You’ll have to scroll down and go to the next page a few times to get there.
    And the last link I provided was not displayed here, probably because I had left it between angle brackets. That’s okay, just find the matching title (TNA) [ommitting my comments] at the bottom of the “prophetic voices” post. Then you’ll be there.

    I don’t know who wrote it, but whoever it was, that person knows at least a thing or two.