Month: May 2006

  • How to Get Started Blogging

    This is a second post on blogging, one that is more directed toward beginners (and is much shorter). I’ve decided to write this as a resource for friends and the students I TA for who are interested in starting out as bloggers. I’ve written a very lengthy post on “How to Blog for Religion??? that […]

  • A Plug for Fuller’s Newspaper – The Semi

    Mike Work and I both got our start in the world of publishing today (he may have written before though I don't remember), both of us have articles on technology and the church.  See Fuller's Newspaper for a Download of the article.  

  • Humility and The Lord’s Prayer: April Ping Homily

    This is my ping homily for April, there are still two weeks left for all of you to participate. If you are interested jump over to Shawn’s explanation of the project. Since I am in the process of thinking and writing about the Lord’s Prayer as a paradigm for community and missional formation for churches […]

  • Moving Yet Again!

    Emily and I just signed a new lease today and so for our fourth summer in a row we will be moving…sigh.  It’s odd how much we dislike moving because we seem to do it so much!  We are pretty excited about this move for many reasons: one is that we are staying in Highland […]

  • Lecture Today and Intro to The Lord’s Prayer

    Today is my first chance to lecture in a classroom setting. As I have been preparing over the last couple weeks, I have found that I will never get it the way I want it. I have been writing and rewriting parts of it for the last three days and am not really sure that […]