Month: May 2006

  • Bike to Work Day: Communities and Sustainable Life

    [Updated] Thursday, May 18th was Bike to Work Day. The city of LA and its surrounding suburbs participated in various activities and sponsored prizes in hopes of encouraging people to ride their bikes to work more often. I participated in Pasadena’s Bike to Work Day and their sponsored events. Cyclists met in front of the […]

  • Chris and Amy over at Shooting The Kids wrote on Photos For Your Child’s Safety.  I wanted to give props to them for pointing out Brian’s great flickr site that seeks to help find missing children. They have a great short interview with him that let’s you know how he got started and how its […]

  • Blog Party With Friends

    Our third ever  “blog party” to happen at our house saw a radical boost in attendance!  For the first two gatherings, JR and I were the only ones to come. However, this time we had 5 bloggers present.  My wife, Emily, decided to join us this time around and although she didn’t work on writing […]

  • Bike to Work Week

    This coming week, May 15-19, is bike to work week.  I have already expressed my disappointment in not being able to participate because of my accident, but I thought I could pass along some links and what-not about biking.  There are some great resources on the web about getting started as a bicycle commuter, reasons […]

  • The Paternoster – A Formative Christian Practice for All Followers

    I’d like to frame the next group of “featured” posts that will be showing up here on gathering in light. I will be continuing to post my thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer, and how it can and should be used as a missional discipleship tool in churches from Anabaptist and Quaker, to emerging and missional, […]