Blog Party With Friends

Our third ever  “blog party” to happen at our house saw a radical boost in attendance!  For the first two gatherings, JR and I were the only ones to come. However, this time we had 5 bloggers present.  My wife, Emily, decided to join us this time around and although she didn’t work on writing a post, she worked subscribing to a number of PMC blogs.   Chris  worked on writing for his professional blog, Katagrapho, that he will be using with his students in New Testament exegesis.  Joy also came, and decided to buy her own domain and power up a WordPress blog, which was pretty exciting; I was able to help her get the basics down but the learning curve in the beginning is always a bit high.  I think we will see some great stuff on her new site, as she is interested in Feminism, Anabaptism and Ethics.  JR, an integral part to the Blog Party, was able to make it even though he’s been busy trying to “beat the man.”  Al in all, it was a load of fun hanging out and kicking it WordPress Style!


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8 responses to “Blog Party With Friends”

  1. That sounds like great fun. What state do you live in? If it’s close to Georgia I’ll try to make the next meeting!

  2. Whoah! You guys & gals are pretty serious! I heard Wess mention blog parties a few times in passing conversation, but the live action photos really tell the tale! You folk are serious! LOL!

    Aside fromt hat, I clicked on chase’s name there two comments up from this one, and I have to ask: what in the heck is that Capn’ Pickard thing???! I was almost hypnotised by the chant-like singing over his name … there should be a warning! 🙂

  3. Shawn,
    One thing that goes without question is that we are serious! Hey we had 6 wordpress blogs representing! Wooo…ahhh…

    And about Chase – that guy is a bit loony if you know what I am saying. He thinks he is Picard so he would be happy to find out your were hypnotised by the sounds.