Bike to Work Week

This coming week, May 15-19, is bike to work week.  I have already expressed my disappointment in not being able to participate because of my accident, but I thought I could pass along some links and what-not about biking.  There are some great resources on the web about getting started as a bicycle commuter, reasons why you should do it and other tips on “saving your tail??? while biking in the city.

I should have read Mr. Bike’s ideas about what to do after a crash, but I found his page too late.  In it he describes that you shouldn’t get up off the ground after a wreck because the driver might not stop! This was exactly what happened to me, and after paying for a new rim and tire today I realized I sure could have used some insurance money to help with the cost.  I am also interested in buying his book about tricks and tips for urban bikers, who knows maybe he’ll tell me how to not run into parked cars!

C.I.C.L.E seems like a great resource for Los Angeles City bikers, it has a page on the pros and cons of wearing helmets, information on vehicle codes, an article on “How Not to Get Hit by Cars??? and other tips, and some of the gear you should have while riding, I am glad to see something like my messenger bag made it in their article.

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Yes, that’s right, I have a wordpress pin on my bag (from nick normal) – I need help.

I was pleased to read the law on Headsets and Earplugs while riding (VC 27400),

No person operating any vehicle, including a bicycle shall wear any headset covering, or any earplugs in, both ears. There are exceptions for persons operating authorized emergency vehicles, special construction or maintenance equipment and refuse collection equipment, and for any person wearing personal hearing protectors designed to attenuate injurious noise levels and which do not inhibit the wearers’ ability to hear a siren or horn from an emergency vehicle or horn form another motor vehicle, and for any person using a prosthetic device which aids the hard of hearing.

I almost always wear one ear plug in my right ear, the one opposite of the traffic, so I can listen to my ipod while riding.

Well there is a bunch of resources for biking to work this week, plus with the gas prices so high this may be just be the right thing to do for your wallet this week as well. I think biking is a cause I can really get behind because not only does it cut down on pollution, and save you money on car repairs and gasoline, but it also is a healthy way to keep fit and gives you time to think (and meditate if you keep the music off). 

Side Note: In Highland Park one of our bike shops switched owners and its a really great place to check out.
Bicycle Station – Webpage
Bicycle Station – Myspace

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3 responses to “Bike to Work Week”

  1. Insurance money? After reading the post about your accident, I think you should consider yourself lucky. If you had done the same thing in a car (or on a motorcycle), you would be looking at a pretty hefty ticket.

    Anyway, I hope you get better soon.

  2. Andrew, thanks for the comment. I am considering myself lucky especially because I was going pretty fast.

    I don’t think you’re right about the ticket thing, if you have a car illegally parked on the road during rush-hour (under a sign that says “No Parking here M-F 3-6pm”), and another car park in the middle of the road waiting to merge without a blinker, I would be the last person to be at fault. I fail to see how I would be at fault.

    Also – I am not saying the rules are different for cars, motorcycles, and bikes because for the most part they are not, but let’s face it I do things in cars I wouldn’t do on a bike and vice versa and I don’t think I am unusual in this.

  3. This was very informative for bikers, because you are right about gas prices increaed and there is more bikers on the road. You would think that bikers would think not to cover both ears with ear buds, but I see people have mp3’s with both ear buds in all the time. Now I can tell them that’s not too safe and would benefit them by only having one ear bud in, while operating a bike or any moving transportation.

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