Earth Day Footprint Quiz

I don’t often dedicate posts to links, but Holly showed us this link at small group and I think its something worth checking out Earth Day Footprint Quiz. I am interesting in hearing how people do on this and what they think of the test. Are there important questions missing from the test or questions that aren’t useful? What is the role of the Christian in a test like this? You can guess what I think about that latter question since I’ve put a link here, but I would like to hear what others think.

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2 responses to “Earth Day Footprint Quiz”

  1. Shoot! I got 17 acres, meaning we’d need 3.8 earths for everyone to live like me. I think the flying and buying processed foods got me.

  2. […] Now I know that we have a far way to go to living on our 2/3’s of an acre (the amount of space that each person in the world could have if we were going to divide it up equally), but I try to think in terms of “baby steps.” I have a long way to go, but I am working at it one step at a time. I also know that people who care about the creation tend to get pegged as a) “flaming” liberals; b) wacko’s or c) self-righteous people who hang out and drink tea on their high horses. Well I don’t consider myself a “liberal” or a “wacko” (these are not synonymous) though some people may beg to differ, that means that if you’d like to dismiss what I’ve said about being a good steward with the earth your best bet is to write me off as “self-righteous.” The real reason why we try to live this way is because we really believe this is the kind of lifestyle Jesus exemplified. Yes it is true some people who are committed to following Jesus care about these issues because they follow Jesus. […]