Moving Yet Again!

Emily and I just signed a new lease today and so for our fourth summer in a row we will be moving…sigh.  It’s odd how much we dislike moving because we seem to do it so much!  We are pretty excited about this move for many reasons: one is that we are staying in Highland Park, a little nook in Los Angeles that I’ve grown to love.  More importantly we are moving in with Chase and Kate, and Arkay, something we are really looking forward too.  Emily and I have always wanted to live in community with friends and so even though we love our own space, and our great apartment we have decided to take the chance and get a “community?? house (but I’d rather call it a compound for kicks and giggles though).       

200605032039 We haven’t thought of a cool name for the house yet, but I was up for calling it Swarthmore Hall, however our friends weren’t so hip for claiming it as a bona-fide Quaker joint.  The house pictured is actually Swarthmore, not our new house, but the house we’re moving into is pretty huge.  Its a 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom house – with an enormous kitchen and living room.  It has a good sized front and side yard, a front porch, and a shed where Chase and I will be able to keep our bikes.  We will also have our own washer and dryer, something we haven’t had since 8th Street in Canton.  Finally, since we have so many rooms we are going to make one a guest room (hint hint) and the other will be our library with a side-room that will act as a reading lounge, this will be great for my long days and nights of working on my dissertation.  Its going to be great to have so much room to have people over and hang out, a luxury we haven’t had since we moved to HP.     

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3 responses to “Moving Yet Again!”

  1. Cool! Now you have room for the Convergent Friends Conference currently scheduled for August in the Los Angeles region. (Okay, maybe a Convergent dinner. Or tea party. With potluck cucumber sandwiches)

    I tried to leave a comment on the Baby and Lazlo site about how raising chickens in urban backyards is somewhat of a fad in SF right now, not quite as high fashion as knitting, but of course that makes it way cooler. I’ve lurked there for ages, but I felt that now I could comment, since I know you, and you know them, etc. However, I was defeated by their comment system.

    Good luck on your new experiment in community. I have heard mixed reviews of the New Swarthmore Community from the 1970’s but I don’t actually know what they did or didn’t do.

  2. […] Anyway, later in the afternoon I went off and visited Wess and Emily, who are soon moving out of their apartment. I went to look at the place to see if I want to move in after they’re gone. The L.A. neigborhood they’re in, Highland Park, is in between Pasadena and where I live now, although definitely close to Pasadena. Since then I’ve been having a long debate with myself about it, which generally goes something like this: […]