Month: May 2006

  • NT Wright – Retelling Stories: Alternate Histories and the Lord’s Prayer

    Mike Work, writing on his class blog recently, wrote a great short post about Jesus’ way of being a storyteller.  He writes, In his [NT Wright] words, “Jesus made a regular practice of retelling the story of Israel in such a way as to subvert other tellings, and to invite his hearers to make his […]

  • World Hunger and Sustainable Eating

    It’s important for me to point out a fellow Fuller PhD student, Russ Kirby, who has written a stellar argument for having a sustainable Diet. Russ, a practical theologian, says, If there is enough food to fully feed the world, then why are 840 million people still literally starving to death? Why do at least […]

  • Reflecting On Your Influences

    Every now and then it is a good idea to consider the influences you have in your life, maybe a “lull in grace??? as Patrick has called it, is a perfect time.  I  first thought I would make a top three list of four different categories; books, music, movies, and blogs; but later decided to […]

  • Sometimes We All Blackout

    Lovedrug, a band some friends of mine are in, are coming into town on Saturday to play at the Knitting Factory; a line to one of their songs is the title of this post and the current state of my life.

  • Qaddish and The Lord’s Prayer: Jesus’ Subversive Tactics

    In this continuing series on the Lord’s Prayer I am looking at the Jewish prayer known as the Qaddish, and comparing it to the Lord’s Prayer.  When we compare these two prayers we see themes arise that are particularly interesting when we consider that Christ’s prayer is intentionally tweaked to include rather subversive value, which […]