Month: March 2006

  • Kicking it Quaker Style

    The main reason we went up was because Robin invited us, but it was really great to hear what Peggy Parsons and Marge Post Abbott had to say about their experiences in the Friends Church…. I have a few new ideas that have sprung from our time there that will later be explored but for…

  • Evangelicalism and Subcultures: Part V

    Part I – Reflections on EvangelicalismPart II – What Evangelicalism IsPart III – Critiques and Possibilities – BiblicismPart IV – Critiques and Possibilities – Spiritually Transformed LifePart V – Evangelicalism as a SubcultureA critique on the movement as a subcultureWhat I like so much about Quakerism and the Emerging Church (not necessarily both together) is…

  • Ryan Bolger on NPR’s Airtalk

    If you get a chance check out Ryan Bolger’s Interview on 89.3 KPCC | AirTalk hosted by Larry Mantle…. Not only is it a really good interview with Ryan, but its a nice brief review of some of the ideas behind his new book; He also gave me a shout out in response to a…

  • This Month on

    For the whole month of march BP will be hosting a discussion on the book, so I invite all those who faithfully read this blog to check out the discussion on Emerging Churches.  The really exciting thing about this is that BP has asked Ryan Bolger, author and Fuller professor, to moderate the discussion.

  • Prosecutor calls foul on XFBA

    A continuing saga on the XFBA. Today’s article at story by Todd Porter Warrants were issued Tuesday for the arrest of Michael Willis Heard and Gregory Railey Jr. after City Prosecutor Frank Forchione charged each with four counts of theft by deception.