Immigration Events: A Day Without A Mexican

Dr. Juan Martinez from Fuller Theological Seminary, and head of the hispanic studies program, told a couple of us the other day that the Latino faith community in LA is planning a day of prayer and fasting this Sunday April 2. There is supposed to be another school walk out today from High Schoolers, which I am personally pretty happy about, I like to see people participate in civil disobedience when it is for a good cause. Lastly May Day, May 1st, is Labor day for the rest of the world and even though America doesn't celebrate it any longer (we started it but stopped doing it once Russia and other communist countries joined in on the celebration) the Latino community will have a work stopage stoppage day. Juan Martinez is looking into some ways for Fuller to participate and I certainly hope we do something. Hopefully we will witness our own real "Day Without A Mexican" and learn just how important our Latino neighbors are in this great city.

edited: See Michael Work's Post, the Newsmax article and the Yahoo Article on these issues

Here is the original email in Spanish:
Dia de Oracion y Ayuno por el proceso migratorio
Sera el Domingo 2 de AbrilLos Angeles, California (Periodico El Inter).- La Red de Pastores y Lideres Latinos del Sur de California, reitera su convocatoria para dedicar el proximo DOMINGO 2 de Abril a un tiempo de oracion y ayuno por el Proceso Legislativo que el Senado viene desarrollando con el tema migratorio.
"Considerando que mas de la mitad de nuestros hermanos en Cristo que congregan en las iglesias hispanas de Estados Unidos son indocumentados, se hace indispensable nuestra oración intercesora", dijeron los organizadores.
Para esto, se encuentran motivando tanto a los pastores y a los lideres, a fin de que en cada una de sus congregaciones, concienticen a su gente respecto a la importancia de ayudar al necesitado, al indocumentado y de orar porque se aprueben leyes mas justas y mas humanas. "Las iglesias tienen la libertad de desarrollar sus programas como ellos lo crean mas conveniente. El detalle es dedicar este dia tanto a dar gracias por la forma como Dios esta definiendo las cosas en el Senado, como tambien pedirle que continue tocando los corazones de los legisladores para aprobar una salida, que ayude a nuestra gente", puntualizaron.
Como se sabe, gracias a la presion ejercida por movimientos de todos los estamentos sociales de nuestra nacion en pro de los inmigrantes, la HR4437 se ha quedado en el camino. Sin embargo, lo que falta por recorrer no es facil. Los intereses y la fuerza que ejercen algunos grupos extremos dificultaran el proceso para tener una legislacion migratoria mas favorable para los hispanos en Estados Unidos. "Es por eso que reiteramos la convocatoria a un dia de oracion y ayuno del domingo 2 de abril", anadieron.

One response to “Immigration Events: A Day Without A Mexican”

  1. Wess – come on man – the school walkouts don’t represent civil disobedience and to suggest that they do makes a mockery of the work of civil rights activists of the last 50 years and compares fighting against the apartheid of the South and giving amnesty to people who engage in identity fraud.

    As long as these kids are willing to sit by and watch their brothers and sisters get slaughtered in foreign wars you can’t seriously call them people of conscience. At best, these walkouts represent a selfish and obnoxiously ethnocentric approach to citizenship – no better than the rednecks who fight to have them kicked out.

    I have no illusion that these kids are fighting for justice – they’re just opportunistic kids looking to skip school for a “cause” they don’t understand. People need to stop supporting their behavior and instead give them real opportunities to engage in their community and make a difference through consistent and constructive activism.

    If you want to support immigrants – get out there, man, and help someone get legal. Having gone through the beginnings of the process with the homeless I worked with as a pastor, I can say that while it’s much harder than just cheering on kids who skip school, it’s also far more rewarding.