Prosecutor calls foul on XFBA

A continuing saga on the XFBA.

Today’s article at story by Todd Porter

Warrants were issued Tuesday for the arrest of Michael Willis Heard and Gregory Railey Jr. after City Prosecutor Frank Forchione charged each with four counts of theft by deception.

8 responses to “Prosecutor calls foul on XFBA”

  1. I liked the discussion of the car problems keeping them from returning to Canton. I’m sure if it weren’t for that bad alternator, they would drive straight to Canton to be arrested. They wouldn’t even stop for meals.

  2. I haven’t heard yet, I think that they were supposed to have a trial this past friday but I don’t know what’s happened yet. I will post as soon as I find out.

  3. Daniels,

    Since you seem to be the person with all of the information, can you tell me what is going on now with the “so called thieves” of the XFBA and why isn’t Jevon Blake in jail as well.

  4. Is it true that Prosecutor Frank Forchione is only holding them because he is up for reelection? Also why haven’t they been indicted by the grand jury, I know that they should have went before them by now. What’s up? Is there really enough or even any REAL evidence to prosecute them? I was told that they could only be held for 90 days if they are not indicted, Is this true?

  5. angie, thanks for dropping by. Although I do have a lot of info on the matter, I haven’t been able to keep up with the most recent happenings. Basically I’ve heard nothing about what’s going on and I don’t know much about the prison situation. Sorry for not being more helpful.

  6. can you point to someone that does know what’s going on with heard and railey. i know that people were so eager to talk earlier but now that they are in jail what is being said now? is it true that after 90 days they have to be released if they are not indicted by the grand jury? i know that you have to know something, you were so eager to tell what you knew when this all went down. i find it quite strange that now this is not a concern to you, or was is it that now that they are in jail you are quite satisfied? i would like for someone to tell me something.

  7. Angie, I understand your curiosity I am sorry I can’t help you or any one else out at this point. Once they were put in jail I’ve had no contact with anyone who knows anything about whats going on, I also have a normal life and can’t continue to track the story of two criminals. I went way beyond my call and helped blow the whistle on what they were doing that should be enough. I put it into the hands of the local community and now they are doing with it what they want. I don’t have the time, energy or interest to keep digging, there’s nothing really to dig into, but if I see something in the news or if someone contacts me with information I will be the first to let everyone know. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. If you want to pursue other avenues get ahold of the Canton Police, the Repository or Kelly Zachary.