Month: February 2006


    Over at, JR writes a well thought out and well defined review of George Barna’s revolution. In wondering whether he is really a revoltionary or not, JR discovers that Barna’s own conclusions are still to individualist and based too much on statistics and not enough on good theology for him to fit nicely into…

  • when the buzzer sounds – xfba basketball

    Ok – I’ve been holding my metaphoric tongue but there is a news flash concerning the XFBA (xzuberant faith basketball association). I’ve had tons of comments and hits of the blog today and this deems posting. largest set of comments another set of comments Here is what we know now: 1. No one was paid…

  • learning that makes for practice

    Ryan and Eddie’s class started last night, MC535 “Emerging Churches,” of which I will assist in the grading and ideas-sharing of the course…. I watched how the class was being taught, how things were being presented, questions that were being asked, and watched the learning that was taking place.