Quaker Heritage Day

Thanks to Robin M, a fellow Quaker blogger, Emily and I found out about Quaker Heritage Day and will be attending.   I am excited to see that Peggy Senger Parsons will be speaking as I have enjoyed reading her thoughts on her blog.   We spent a little bit of time in Berkley last summer when we visited my cousin, Rick, and his family and (as Rick predicted) we instantly loved Berkley.  We felt like we came home.  I am an avid Peet’s fan and so going to Berkley to visit the original store is like a mecca of sorts, but when I found out that it was across the street from one of the Quaker meeting houses I about flipped!  We really look forward to meeting new Friends, and putting faces to a number of the Quaker bloggers that will be there.  I also look forward to being challenged as the speakers share.  Plus, a road trip with my wife is always the best!

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4 responses to “Quaker Heritage Day”

  1. Wess, You will have a great time. I really wish I was going to be there.
    I have been watching Peggy and Marge prepare and it will be a wonderful and challenging (in the good sense) time. Alivia

  2. […] Emily and I had a blast this weekend up in Berkeley, a place we could easily imagine living.  We went up for Quaker Heritage Day, a one-day conference held at Berkeley Friends Church (part of F.U.M) where we talked about the future of the Friends church.  The main reason we went up was because Robin invited us, but it was really great to hear what Peggy Parsons and Marge Post Abbott had to say about their experiences in the Friends Church.  The time I always enjoy most is in conversation with others, so dinner at Robin’s with fellow bloggers and people thinking about Convergent Quakerism was fantastic.  I have a few new ideas that have sprung from our time there that will later be explored but for now what I can say is that it is great to meet new people and be challenged by new/different ideas.  There were six bloggers among us: Robin, Peggy, Max, Chad, Emily and myself.  Maybe this is just the beginning of a larger Quaker Blog-party! […]