writing letters with bread for the world’s holly hight

Last night our mennonite/quaker small group wrote letters to our congressional representatives concering hunger issues in the world. It was my first time to participate in this kind of advocacy and I thought that it was incredible. It only took about 15 min. to write the letters, and I found it to be exciting and spiritually moving. I said the Lord’s prayer before I did it, and thought about how this advocacy fits into the prayer so easily.  Caring for the poor, seeking justice for them, and trying to be an agent of God’s Kingdom in this world is at the core of the prayer and the whole of Christ’s message and mission.

This was a great small group excerise that Holly taught us how to do. She also gave us resources on how to do this on our own and with other groups.  These are resources that every church should be using and making a part of their mission. She called this process our “offering of letters.”

A great explanation of the process.
This is where you will find your representative to write to.
The offering of letters page.
You can order a really nice resource kit, that is put together very well.

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2 responses to “writing letters with bread for the world’s holly hight”

  1. […] If you have enough time to get your friends, family, church or small group involved and write a few letters to your rep I encourage you to do so. I wrote recently about writing letters and offered a few links for resources on finding your representative etc. I have also uploaded a copy of the letter we used as a spring board for our own letters at church. Feel free to download it and use what you would like for ideas, I got permission to use this from one of our pastors Bert Newton. […]

  2. […] I had a chance to meet with my member of Congress – Representative Adam Schiff. He represents the 29th district of California – Pasadena, Glendale, other cities in the San Gabriel Valley. Rep. Schiff sits on the House International Relations Committee. As a member of this committee, he is very knowledgeable about the Millennium Development Goals. After the House passed its Foreign Operations budget (well below the President’s request), Rep. Schiff gave a speech on the House floor expressing his disappointment. My small group and others have written many letters to Rep. Schiff. It’s great to know that he is listening to our concerns and expressing them in his work as a member of Congress. I applaud Rep. Schiff for listening to his constituents, but more importantly for being an advocate. (Read more about letter writing with my uber cool small group – visit gathering in light) […]