when the buzzer sounds – xfba basketball

Ok – I’ve been holding my metaphoric tongue but there is a news flash concerning the XFBA (xzuberant faith basketball association).

I’ve had tons of comments and hits of the blog today and this deems posting.

largest set of comments

another set of comments

Here is what we know now:

1. No one was paid as promised on January 30th.

2. Thanks to Kim Black we learned an invaluable piece of information: Michael Heard Jr. opened up a church ministry organization once before – in 1997 under the organizing title – “New Witness Ministries.”

What’s interesting about all this is that New Witness Ministries was done for in 2002 – when they didn’t renew their incorporation with the state (something they don’t have this time at all). Then Heard and Railey went on to Atlanta to start SuperNatural Faith which sounds a lot like Xzuberant Faith. Heard used a fake name for some reason when he started “supernatural faith.” That ministry apparently never did anything – as that old website promises:

“Then visit one of our services! Location and time to be announced soon.”

Notice anything else about how familiar that language sounds?
This is from the old church site:

The Church for You!
Are you looking for a church…

That accepts people for who they are without judging them?
Where one can freely grow spiritually at their own pace?
That is word based and not opinion based?
That is real, practical, and relevant?
With powerful life-changing worship?
Where you will leave feeling better than when you came?
That is perfect for imperfect people?
Where you can actively work for the Lord?

Here’s from the new site:

Xzuberant Faith Empowerment Center is a new ministry designed with you in mind! This is a church that believes in loving and accepting people for who and what they are and allowing God (not us) to change their lives. We believe it is not our job to try and make anyone do anything or become what we feel they need to be.

To impact the world for the Kingdom of God through teaching, practical principles, and speaking faith.

Here are links to the old church sites, and info that cover what Michael Willis Heard Jr. and Gregory E. Railey have done in the past. Thanks to those of you who brought this to our attention.

Page 1 (A side note is that Rhema Bible College doesn’t award Docorate’s)

Page 2 (about the church)

Page 3 (about Gregory E. Railey)

Page 4 (about their record label they were trying to run)

These are all sites that were saved on Google’s Cache and that’s why they look so funky. Here are the incorporation documents that link michael heard to “new witness ministries” of elyria (this will take a second to upload its a .pdf).

It should also be said that the domain name www.supernaturalfaith.org of which those old sites are from were registered to Michael Heard of Grove City, Oh. Finally — there’s no evidence that “supernatural faith fellowship” incorporated in georgia, either. I will keep shedding light on the situation as we find out more.
As was pointed out – its funny that Heard was born in Glendale and moved to canton and is doing some kind of sham, while me a guy born in canton moved to glendale and is pointing out his sham…(of course now I don’t live in Glendale but its ironic anyways which I like). And it looks like we are only 6 months apart both born in 1978. Interesting.

Maybe everything can be explained, maybe not. But everyone needs to know about this information because it doesn’t look too god.

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One response to “when the buzzer sounds – xfba basketball”

  1. […] The leaders even commented on my blog a subtle threat for me to take down the site. Our mom then got on and commented about the situation which was a great blow to the integrity of the league’s leaders. Its always funny when you have your mom say something on your blog. Its like when you’re hanging out as a young boy with all you friends and she wipes smudge of your face with a moistened towlette. You’re thankful, but a little sheepish too. Anyways, caring more about my relationship with my brother than writing about the XFBA scam I stopped posting on the blog for almost two weeks. The next post I wrote was “When the Buzzer Sounds” on February 2 where I posted a ton of new information (with my brother’s permission) about how Heard and Railey had tried this before with a website called “Supernatural Faith.” This was discovered by my good friend and tech wizard Chase whose done a ton of work exposing this whole situation. To me this discovery blew the case wide open (note I also tipped the Rep to this info but wasn’t credited for the work). […]