Update #4

From a close source:

1) They never physically were allowed to hold a contract. One day it was read to them, then at the “signing” they were read something from the contract, then each team went up and signed the contracts (with no time to read them). There was no extra page for them to tear off and retain a copy of what they signed.

2) Antonio Alexander (not sure of the spelling) was to be the team administrator. I met this man, who told me he was professional model. Young guy, under 25. Just got here from Atlanta. He did say he needed to go to New York on a shopping trip for clothes.

According to a close source, after the signing party, Michael W. Heard, Jr., received a number of emails saying Mr. Alexander either was, or appeared to be a homosexual. Turns out, Mr. Alexander is Mr. Heard’s brother. Mr. Alexander returned to Atlanta. [In Alexander’s defense this is not true, as far as anyone knows and was an attack on him personally].

Supposedely Mr. Heard became upset with these alleged claims [as anyone would be], and now the Canton teams are required to drive to either St. Louis or Atlanta (they don’t know which) on Jan. 22 to “tryout” for the league. This is at their own expense.

If you don’t go, you’re off the team. they are not sure if this means they won’t get paid $2800 each on Jan. 30th, but if they don’t go they’re not in the league and definitely won’t get paid.

3) They are supposed to be mailed a copy of their contract, and they are to send in some forms to get their medical benefits. Signing was Jan. 7th, as of Jan. 13th C.C. had not received his contract in the mail.

4) All four Canton teams are required to show up this coming Sunday, Jan. 15th, at Michael Heard’s new church. This is mandatory attendance and you’re out of the league if you don’t show up. Also – the team members have yet to be given the address or location of the church, according to the source. This was in fact a change from what they were originally told.

Lastly this is my own thought:
5) There is supposedly a clause in the contract that allows the leaders of the league to change anything at anytime without consultation. This is how they have switched the standards of whose in the league, because all of these men have already signed contracts under good faith that this meant there were in the league. Now they have to pay to go to another state to tryout?

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