Month: January 2006

  • first annual blog-party

    JR and I have begun what may be an on going techie/creative evening of blogging, and working on our sites. Here’s photo from the night. Technorati Tags: friends, blogging

  • from the bolg blog

    I wanted to thank Ryan for the nice thoughts. I’ve learned a lot from working with him and am really looking forward to the possibility of him being my PhD mentor. The thought of studying with someone I know, and someone who I share many ideas and passions with is a very exciting prospect. Plus […]

  • saturday evening raviolis

    tonight emily and I made homeade ravioli from a jamie oliver recipe, it was’s the recipe from his book “The Naked Chef Takes Off” (Jamie Oliver)8oz potatoes peeled1 1/2 asparagus, bases trimmed and stalks peeled1 clove garlic – chop itolive oilsalt and pepper1 handful of fresh mint, leaves picked from the stems1 fresh pasta recipe (we used his and it was great)2 very large pats of butter2 heaped tablespoons mascarpone cheese1 handful of grated parmesan cheesecook potatoes in salted boiling water, until tender, then drain…. It was a nice evening of cooking in the kitchen with Emily.Here are the egg yolks sitting in the middle of a pile of flour, getting ready tobe made into noodles.Making the noodles was a lot of fun but a lot of work.This is when our raviolis were freshly made.Emily makes sure its all happening the right way so we can actually eat.The finished product.

  • george marsden at fuller

    We went to see George Marsden speak tonight on “Fundamentalism and Contemporary Culture” at Fuller Wednesday night. George Marsden, teaches church history at Notre Dame and has made a name for himself by writing book on fundamentalism and its affects on the church in America. One of the main points of the talk was that […]

  • the media, culture and the past year #1

    In any case we’ve gotten at least more interested in TV shows.A Bit About MediaIn”The (Magic) Kingdom of God: Christianity and Global Culture Industries” Michael Budde he talks about the “old art of TV bashing” and quite frankly his tv-bashing is pretty good – because what he points out is the impossibility to cultivate kingdom practices within a community of faith when so much time is spent in front of the television…. One of the main purposes of media is to create a desire or need – so that people keep coming back.This is why churches and every Christian must be careful with the intake of what kinds of things we allow to influence us. Many of us have been formed not only in the consumerist culture of American but also in the “consumerist” culture of our churches – we’ve learned how to consume spiritual life in the same way that we consume any other product that is sold to us. In “Emerging Churches” Ryan Bolger states, “When churches decide to make entertainment their main focus, they create a continued expectation and desire for more.