a ton of really cool stuff

this website has links to some really cool software I didn’t know anything about.
the writely is the best thing on the list I’ve checked out so far.

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  1. […] I’ve been continuing to try and learn (and keep up with) new technologies I think will be useful in the classroom, as I do I post them on my resource page for such items.  There are a few I wanted to point to for use in the technologically aware classroom.  These are free and fairly basic to use, there are of course many other things that do similar or the same functions but these are the ones I’ve tested and am currently using on a regular basis.  There are also other lists of great web 2.0 stuff that I didn’t bother going into here so as to not overwhelm those who need the basics.  Here is a list from JR Rozko and here is an old post of mine. […]