Why Blog?

Its funny that there tends to be the need to do an apology for blogging; this fact is evidence that we are still a part of something that is very new – something that hasn’t become widely understood or accepted. Not that its not acceptable to blog, but just that for some peopel there seems to be”little use.”
I’ve found that blogging for me takes on more than just journaling, in fact I try to do very little of that, at least in the sense of the old “dear diary” kind of journaling. On the other hand, writing out my thoughts, whether they are theological, personal, critical or just making observations, I am logging what’s happening in my life and in the lives of those around me. Further this is what makes blogging important – it tracks the changes, the misunderstandings, and the interpretations of real people in change and in encounters with others.

It is also a conversation, or this is how I see it. Not only do I have to deal with every word I put onto the blog editor as a real part of my own thinking, but I also have to be willing to allow those thoughts to be formed, challenged, and/or encouraged by those who have for one reason or another decided to be a part of my online community. It gives me the opportunity to test and/or work out ideas.

Another aspect of blogging is that it is undercutting journalism – this is the central premise to the book called “blog” by Hugh Hewitt. Blogging gives way to news being dispensed much quicker, from multiple perspectives and from the “front line.” It is interesting how much NPR has begun to cite different bloggers during their various news shows also.

For more thorough ideas see JR’s Blog below.

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I welcome anyone else to chime in and add to possible reasons, resources, or disagreements.

4 responses to “Why Blog?”

  1. Hiya,

    When I responded to your comment on my blog I forgot to mention my more immediate connection with the Friend’s was through their recent Emerging Writers conference at APU.

    Now, in perusing the bulletin board of Barclay press I find the link to your blog. Fun stuff!

    I’m curious if you are going to be TAing for the upcoming Emerging Church intensive class in late January. I’m considering auditing the class, and would love to talk about your research.

    My approach to both Friend’s thought and Emerging Church thought has primarily been though my studies of pneumatology interestingly enough, and its a topic I’d like to explore more as I hear what others are thinking.

    Great blog, by the by.

    Oh, and since I should probably say something actually related to this post. I blog mostly out of personal interest. It is a way of both logging my thoughts as they come, and a way of expressing my wider interests to any so interested. It has the function of a notebook.

    I journaled for a while, but my journaling was so consistently inward looking. Blogging, somehow, gets me looking outward, in different directions, to take notes on what I find curious or interesting. It’s also a way to log random thoughts as they come, to throw them out there for my own future consideration.

    And, maybe, just maybe I might say something encouraging or helpful to someone.

  2. Patrick – Its nice to hear from you. Yes i would love to chat with you anytime about Friends theology, Emerging church, and whatever else. I will be the TA for the EC class in the winter which I am looking forward to, Ryan has some really great ideas about how to do the class.

    What pneumatology stuff have you found really useful, I’ve read very little on the subject.

    Thanks for stopping by on the old blog, and yes I agree – it does have a way of pointing one out toward the world more.

  3. Hey Wes, I am glad you blog! It’s great to see where your thinking (and life) are going. It causes me to think (and I am willing to endure that pain!)

    I now have two blogs both very different from yours. One just to post info regarding our family so people can keep up with us. The other is more formal. Some of my random thoughts cobbled together in the form of short essays. I am doing it because I feel I need the disciple of writing and this is a good outlet for it. I also hope my thoughts will help someone and stimulate their thinking.

    Both of these blogs are your fault! It is in reading your blogs that I got the bug.

  4. Brian I am glad that you’ve been blogging and find it as a way to have discipline in thinking – I agree with this movtivation. Its good to be able to struggle with thoughts in writing, it forces us to try and articulate things in ways we wouldn’t if we just left them in our head. Anyways sorry to give you the bug! I don’t know what your other blog is – will you leave the link on my blog at some point?