a comment or two

for anyone who might be following the Barclay Press Decalogy as I am going to call it, I would be grateful to recieve some kind of feedback here on this blog since they don’t offer anyway to do it there. Its kinda weird to just toss a comment out into cyberspace without having any kind of interaction or reaction with it.

4 responses to “a comment or two”

  1. Hey Wess,

    In response to the journal article about the cultural environment the church is in now, I have been particularly surprised by the similarities of our culture with the culture Israel found itself in the book of Isaiah. Although our focus has changed in many ways, we still deal with the same idols and gods we worship instead of the One true Creator who deserves our worship. What is also a bit frightening is that Yahweh punishes his church in Isaiah for the sake of cleansing them and bringing about renewal. We don’t tend to think of God’s love in this way today, especially when we would rather point to the “sinners” across the street. God would surely punish them before he would punish us…or would he? How does the Divine parent love with discipline?

  2. Kevin,
    Great insight, I agree – it seems inevitable that God could, would (and possibily should) …I do wonder what it will look like for God to lovingly discipline us, the American Church.

  3. Every day it has been very insightful and has given me food for thought. I look forward to waking to a new thought for the day. You never cease to amaze me how you allow God to move through you to reach many people from every walk of life, not just people that fit in one circle or another. Keep it coming!!!

  4. Wess, your journal entry today was particularly provocative. When it comes to trust, we rarely exhibit anything beyond a mental or vocal affirmation of our trust in God. However, when we see descriptions of obedience and faithfulness towards God in the OT, it implies actions with our hands, our feet, our arms. It is holistic in its approach and is beyond just our words and ideas. God wants our whole body. I wonder what this implies to “asking Jesus into your heart”?