Month: November 2005

  • Thanksgiving

    Emily and I spent thanksgiving with our friends Jeremy and Jenn Seifert, their newborn baby Finn, and a couple guys who were neighbors. Here are some photos from the day. It was really nice to be with friends for the day and we ate some really great food. It was a lot of fun to […]

  • A Thought On Relient K

    This past friday we spent the evening with our good friends Relient K. They played at the Henry Fonda theatre to a sell out crowd of bloodthirsty teenagers, screaming “I Love you Matt” and similar silhouettes of previous times when young rock n’rollers were seen as gods for the masses. This is not to say […]

  • getting back to things

    I have taken a bit of a hiatus from the world of blogging, primarily beacuse I have been recovering from writing the Barclay Press entries. I was asked to review Ryan Bolger’s new book “Emerging Churches” for Barclay Press’s book review in February. I am really excited about this prospect, as I really respect Ryan’s […]

  • The leveling of seminary

    I just thought of something, seminary has this odd leveling affect for people who are both liberal and conservative according to roles in the household. The standard conservative, patriarchial view on roles is that men support the wives, but the catch 22 of this for conservatives who are married is that if the husband decides […]

  • a new blog

    kevin, emily and I (and others as they want to join) have combined forces to create a new blog that concerns the good, the bad and the ugly in the business world. for now our title for it is: The Practice of Business